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[fic] Phoenix Wright: Follow

Miles Edgeworth: Dusky & Crimson


Title: Follow
Fandom: Phoenix Wright; Miles & Gregory
Rating: G
Word Count: 300
Warnings: Mild 3-5 spoilers
Summary: Dreams may fade, but they never disappear, and sometimes they just take on new forms.
Notes: Won second place (okay, really third) at pw_contest for week #11: Spirit. (As an aside, everyone should come to pw_contest and enter and vote. It's a lot of fun, and the more the merrier! :D)

It had been a childhood habit of his: imagining this moment, indulging in daydreams and sometimes even daring to hope; but even hopes can fade, and so he'd set aside childish things in the business of growing up. Perhaps that was why he was now able to regard his father with a calm puzzlement, curiosity entwined with an oddly warm sense of-- gratitude?

Miles followed his father's movements with his eyes as the distance between them lessened, memories washing languidly over him as waves over sand, and he wasn't quite sure if he was a nine-year-old child or a man grown, but then his father smiled at him, eyes full of loving pride, and the question didn't matter much, anyway.

But, wait... a glint of gold caught his gaze, and Miles frowned at the defense attorney's badge clipped to the man's lapel. He hadn't followed, after all--

A shake of the head brought his attention back to his father's eyes, the warmth in his expression undiminished. "You followed the truth today-- kept your eyes turned toward it. It doesn't matter which side of the courtroom you stand on, I think, as long as you remember that."

His gaze flicked meaningfully down, and Miles glanced at the sunburst badge on his own lapel -- how did that get there? -- brought reverent fingers up to touch it, but the cool metal abruptly melted, spiraling into a swirl of haze that recoalesced into the quiet dark of a hotel room.

Half-opened eyes fell upon the bedside table. The alarm clock blinked an ungodly hour; beside it, the glow of the Magatama slowly faded to nothing.

Miles frowned, groggily making a mental note to return that thing to Wright first thing tomorrow morning; but the warmth in his chest wouldn't quite go away.


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