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[fic] Phoenix Wright: Viewpoints

Phoenix & Miles: Ordinary Life


Title: Viewpoints
Fandom: Phoenix Wright; Phoenix & Miles
Rating: G
Wordcount: 609
Completion Date: June 7, 2009
Summary: Perception is everything.

"Alright, see that guy carrying that long black bag? It's a trombone case, and he plays in a band every Thursday night in that Italian restaurant, to earn a little extra money to support his wife and their newborn twins."

Looking supremely disinterested across a cup of steaming tea cradled in both hands, Miles raises an eyebrow at him, a gesture he's not unfamiliar with. "Twins?"

"Sure, why not?" Phoenix pauses for another sip of coffee, scanning the crowd flowing past the window with a critical gaze. A flash of red draws his eye, and he nods toward the street corner, where the light is just turning green. "That man with the baseball cap, with the younger guy in the suit. That's his son, here on a business trip from... Chicago, and the kid was able to clear his busy schedule just enough to have time to have dinner with his dad."

Miles has no response to that, turning his attention to the sunset painted on the sky opposite the little coffee shop that they've fallen into the habit of frequenting together, but Phoenix won't be discouraged. "C'mon, Edgeworth, your turn," he prods with an encouraging and possibly infuriating smile, leaning forward over his folded hand resting on the small table between them. "Pick someone and make something up."

His expression still carefully dispassionate, Miles glances at him, sighs with the air of a father humoring a petulant child, and sets his teacup down -- in that order -- before propping his elbow on the table and resting his chin on his palm, placing his head quite deliberately close to Phoenix's as he scrutinizes the stream of humanity on its way past.

Smile unwavering and eyes locked on to some undetermined point over Miles' shoulder, Phoenix remains motionless as he waits, seconds slipping seamlessly past until Miles breaks the spell, inclining his head toward the opposite street corner. "That woman with the blue backpack," he murmurs, his lowered voice matching Phoenix's conspiratorial pose. The defense attorney turns his head just far enough to glimpse a young lady as she peers anxiously down the street in one direction, then another, shading her eyes against the evening sunlight.

Miles pauses before continuing. "She's waiting for the associate who arranged to meet her on this corner, to hand off that bag containing a weapon just used to commit a murder that she is an accomplice to."

For a moment Phoenix doesn't move as he processes this; then he breaks into a grin as he leans back in his seat, suddenly finding himself struggling to contain his laughter. "That... well, that wasn't exactly what I was going for, but you've got the basic idea. I think."

Miles has already returned his attention to his tea with a slight frown, disinterested in his companion once more as he isn't quite sure whether or not to be offended. "You said to make something up, and that is precisely what I did."

Still smiling, Phoenix considers this, glancing out the window once more before shooting a sideways look at the prosecutor. "Is that really what you see when you look at people?" Unbidden, faces flash through his memory. Maya. Will Powers. Iris. Godot. Himself.

His tea finished, Miles sets the cup lightly on its saucer before meeting Phoenix's eyes. "It may be what I see, but it is not necessarily what I believe, Wright."

It takes Phoenix the rest of that day and part of the next to properly think that one through, but in the end he decides that maybe we can't control what we see, but what we believe is far more important anyway.


Toward Truth

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